Change, Change, Change

There comes a time when one must finally throw up his hands and give in. I like designing websites. I’ve done it has a hobby for years. But designing websites takes time and energy, and those are two things that I don’t have right now. So, welcome to the new homepage of Siberian Grits!

Thanks to the wonders of technology a great little site called “Word Press” will give you a free “Blog” that you can also customize and add other pages too, like “About Us” and “Supporting Our Ministry” etc. These are are set up with easy-to-use templates ready to go, so there’s no programing, messing with CSS code, etc. The best thing is that now you only have to visit one site for both information about our ministry and our regular blog,

Our old blog will remain up at for those of you who wish to go back and read old posts. But as of today that blog will no longer be updated. So if you want the latest of what’s going on in our lives you need to come see us here.

We look forward to sharing with all of you what the Lord is doing in our lives more and more over the next weeks, months and years.

In Christ,


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