Happenings this week

While Thomas has been away this week, Isaiah and I have been keeping very busy! We’ve been to the park, gone places on the metro, talked to people in the area where we live, and played and studied very hard!

We have been able to talk to Thomas several times each day, which makes the time go by faster and slower in a weird sort of way. We were able to participate a little bit in the conference yesterday afternoon when Thomas gave the report about our activities in St. P. Thomas was able to talk to us on speaker phone, which enabled me to add to his comments about our arrival and subsequent work here. Being able to hear the other missionaries in the background was very encouraging, too.

This afternoon Thomas hopes to visit the hospital in Krasnoyarsk (the city where the conference is being held) in order to determine if they would be able to handle any emergency situations that might arise for Isaiah. We really hope that the conference will be held there again next year, and that Isaiah and I can go, too.

I just realized that some of you may not know what this conference is all about. Each year the InterAct missionaries have a conference somewhere in Siberia. During that time they have a special speaker, and they also share what has been going on in their own work during the past time. Of course, we keep in contact during the year, too, but this is a special time to all be in each other’s presence. The General Director Gary Brumbelow and his wife Valerie also come over for the conference. They stayed in our home a couple nights before heading out to Siberia with Thomas. So that’s what the conference is, basically. There is probably a little more to it than that, but having never been to one, I can’t give more detail.

Just in case you are wondering, Thomas is several time zones away. He is four hours ahead of us in St. P and twelve hours ahead of EST. Thankfully the Lord has helped him to adjust to the time difference rather well so that he is not too tired during the meetings.

So that’s what’s new with us. Isaiah and I have a few errands planned today, but mainly we’ll stay inside as Isaiah has a little cold, and it’s been pretty rainy; and I want to do my major cleaning today. Having a routine has been a big help in adjusting to living over here, and Thursdays are my big cleaning days. I could go on here, but I’ll save that for another time. 🙂

I hope that you are all doing well. We look forward to hearing about how you are doing as you are able to tell us!

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