Update From Siberia

It’s Friday night here in the city of Krasnoyarsk.  For you geography buffs, Krasnoyarsk is located in southern Siberia on the banks of the Yenesi River.  Krasnoyarsk is a rather major population center with over 1 million people living in the city, and since it is located right on the trans-Siberian railroad, it is a rather modern city with easy access to shipping.

Krasnoyarsk was the meeting point for this years InterAct Russia field conference.  Every year each of the three fields of InterAct Ministries (Russia, Alaska and Canada) have a general conference of all of the missionaries on each of the respective fields.  Right now InterAct has missionaries in two primary fields of ministry in Russia, The Republic of Tuva and Yakutia.  We, of course, are living for the time being in St. Petersburg which is a good ways away from both of these places.  Krasnoyarsk provides somewhat of a centralized meeting point for the team.

Cristy and I had decided several weeks ago that she would stay in St. Petersburg with Isaiah.  While this was not the ideal, we knew that it was ultimately more important for me to go ahead to the conference and hopefully, while here, check out the medical facilities for future reference.  Below are some highlights of the conference and further information on what I discovered.

  •  The time of fellowship with the other missionaries was refreshing.  Dr. Ralph Alexander was our guest speaker and he spoke on the subject of praising God.  I wish I had the time to summarize the material.  It was wonderful.
  • It was exciting to hear what the Lord is doing in the lives of the other missionaries.
  • Jim Capaldo was named as the new Field Director for InterAct Russia.  Jim is 33 and has been living over here already for about 8 years with his family.  Jim has been part of pioneering a lot of work in the Republic of Tuva in the south on the Mongolian boarder.
  • Jim and I brainstormed and are putting together plans to finally compile and print up a hymnal in the Tuvan language.  This would include also recording an accompanying CD.  This will prove to be an exciting project.
  • I was able to meet a local pediatric neurosurgeon here in Krasnoyarsk.

On that note let me say this.  As of late Cristy and I had been wondering if Siberia was going to be out of the question for us completely given Isaiah’s medial needs.  Not to say that every question has been answered, but right now things look very promising that Krasnoyarsk could be in our future.  We were told that the medical facilities here can handle any and all needs relating to spina bifida and hydrocephalus.  The doctor I met was very kind and very willing to help.  As it stands right now next year’s field conference will be here in June, a good bit earlier.  We hope to all attend then and meet with the doctor at that time to discuss future possibilities.

I leave tomorrow at 1:55PM here (12:55AM Saturday central time) to fly back to St. Petersburg.  Please pray for safe travel.

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