Encouragement Along the Way

We’ve been encouraged lately by a number of things that have been going on here in Russia, and we wanted to share some of those with you here.

  • At the top of the list is Isaiah’s development.  Lately he’s been doing something new.  We hold him up and put his legs on the ground and say “push” and he tries as hard as he can to push himself up!  He actually succeeds for about two seconds in sustaining his own body weight with his knees still bent about half way.  While this is only a little, it’s a significant start.  We are hoping that with further bracing and a small walker that he will be able to stand and walk around in the next year.
  • We’ve seen the Lord helping us develop further along in our Russian.  This past Saturday on my flight back from Siberia I talked with a Russian man for several hours, all in Russia.  Now it wasn’t all perfect, of course, and several times I had to stop and look up words, we did actually have a productive conversation about the work we’re doing in Russia.  And Cristy continues to go to the park almost daily with Isaiah and talk with the other mothers there.  She continues to make friends and understands more and more each day.  Just the other day she answered the phone and talked to my language teacher for several minutes before handing off the phone to me.
  • And sometimes it’s the little things that can be an encouragement.  Cristy and I love to eat Mexican, but unfortunately over here the ingredients are very hard to find.  Well yesterday we discovered a store that sells taco seasoning and corn chips (trust me, these items are very hard to find over here).  So last night we had tacos with chips and salsa.  It was a little taste of home.

So, know that your prayers are being answered!  The Lord is sustaining us and growing us closer to himself each day, and helping us along our way here.  Please keep praying for us, and let us know how we can be praying for you.

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