The Little Man

Well our latest medical adventure seems to have come to a close. Thank you to all of you who faithfully prayed for Isaiah during his latest urinary tract infection (UTI). The Lord continues to protect him and heal him. We are thankful for a very good pediatrician here in St. Petersburg who speaks excellent English! Since Isaiah has repeatedly had UTIs this year, we are able to get him a low daily dosage of antibiotics as a preventative measure. So now with a fresh catheter every time, topical antiseptic spray, and a preventative antibiotic, we hope to avoid the frequency of UTIs that Isaiah has been experiencing in order to keep his bladder and kidneys as healthy as possible. The Lord continues to provide for his every need and to help us learn in the process. Every time your child is sick is a stressful time. God is helping us to rely more on Him and less on ourselves through Isaiah’s sicknesses. In all things He will be glorified!

On a lighter note: We have had more snow! On Friday mornings Isaiah and I join Thomas at the Christian school where he teaches Bible and choir. We get to sing in the choir, which is lots of fun. Isaiah entertains all the girls with his cuteness. This past Friday, as we walked home, we enjoyed the heaviest snow shower that any of us has ever seen! We had to cover Isaiah’s stroller with a blanket, or else we wouldn’t have been able to find him underneath the snow after our 25 minute walk home. 🙂 By the time we reached our apartment building, the snow had slowed down considerably, so we took advantage of the time to build a little snow man and let Isaiah play in the snow for the first time in his life. He loved holding snowballs and watching his daddy throw snowballs against our building. We look forward to playing in the snow with him quite often this winter–we might even have our first White Thanksgiving!

Isaiah’s 1st snowball

Thank you all again for your love and for your prayers! I don’t understand the mystery of how God uses prayer, but I am thankful for the privilege to pray and to be the recipient of the blessings of prayers of the saints!


  1. Hello Slawsons,
    My name is Nathan Davis. I go to CVP. One of the churchs that support y’all in Russia. I just wanted to write and tell you that I’m praying for you and to incourage y’all. Col 1:9.
    T.C.C -Nathan-

  2. Hi Thomas and Cristy! I’ve just read your postings. It makes me feel like I am right there with you. Its great that you have a pediatrician who speaks English! The UTI’s must be hard on the whole family; I hope you can avoid them more now. Glad to hear you like the snow. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving, whether it is white or not. White is nice, I think. Of course it is all white here now (in Yakutsk). My victory for the day is that I found both the spices fennel and savory today. I’d never seen fennel here before. Well, that’s all for now. Just wanted to say hi.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Dear Friends!
    We pray for you as you celebrate far from home.
    We continually lift you up to Him. We will understand prayer when we can see Him face to face and can ask Him about it. I am so Thankful He hears and answers our prayers. He bestows great power on us when we pray.

    Have a blessed time.
    Prayerfully, Beth Harris
    Yazoo City

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