It’s the Little Things

During our almost 5 months in St. Petersburg, we have enjoyed learning new things, like words, foods, transportation, etc. Learning a new culture while living in that culture also makes you realize the things that you miss from your own culture and country. It’s the little things that we have been missing: measuring spoons, the sun, grits, sausage patties with a kick, Christmas music everywhere you go, I could go on, but I won’t.

Well, this morning we were able to figure out how to make sausage patties! Almost every Sunday is a special breakfast made by Thomas. On Friday when Thomas bought our Christmas tree from Russia’s version of Wal-Mart, he also found ground sausage! We hadn’t even seen it for sale before! Thomas came home doubly excited–a Christmas tree and ground sausage! Yesterday morning he cooked some of it, and it was good, but it lacked that extra kick that makes your mouth burn with delight. This morning, however, he sent our mouths a-tingling with incredible spice and flavor! What a treat! I think that one of our Christmas gifts to ourselves will be another package of sausage!


It is amazing to me how the things that I took for granted in the States have become so important and prized now that I can’t easily get them.

And it’s more than food, of course. We always appreciated the congregations with whom we had the privilege of fellowshipping and the preaching we were able to hear. As we are learning Russian, the ease of fellowship and growth under good preaching is harder to come by. Please pray for us as we continue to learn about this culture, enjoy little things that remind us of home, but most importantly as we seek to grow in Christ and help other people to know Him and grow in Him as well.

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