We Learned a New Word This Morning!

We learn many new Russian words each day, but this morning we learned a rather new and exciting one. It’s водопроводчик (va-da-pro-vod-chick) and it means plumber.

This word is, of course, very handy to know. For instance, here’s some phrases in which it might be used.

“Cristy! Quick go call our landlord. The toilet is overflowing. We need a va-da-pro-vod-chick!”

Or for situations like this,

“Now the upstairs neighbor’s sewer is backing up into our bathtub. We need a va-da-pro-vod-chick!”

I’m glad we know this word now just in case something like this ever happens at 6:45AM on a Thursday morning on December 13th, 2007. Yeah, sure am glad to know this word now.


  1. Our hearts go out to you and we feel so bad that you had to go through all that not once but twice. What a trial, but from the look on your face in Cristy’s last blog, you have recovered and have moved on strenghtened for the next trial, hopefully a long way off and much more minor !

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