Something To Look Forward To

Wednesday afternoon we are heading to Germany! We have to leave Russia every 6 months for registration purposes, which is something that doesn’t really make sense to those of us who grew up in the West where no papers were required for traveling and such. Anyway, our first 6 months are nearly complete. In some ways this is hard to believe. Sometimes we feel like we’ve been here much longer, and sometimes we think we just got here. But no matter how we feel, we know that we have already learned a lot, but also realize how much more we have to learn!

We love being in Russia, but we are looking forward to a bit of a break. And in case you haven’t heard yet, we’ll be having a little bit of home in Berlin. My parents will be meeting us in Berlin! We’ll get to spend the whole week with them resting and recreating.

So our next post will either be from Berlin, Germany or from St. Petersburg after we return from our break with some great pictures!

The Slawsons

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