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We wanted to pass along to you one of our latest projects we’ve been working on.  As many of you already know, one of our main desires is to minister to children with disabilities here in Russia.  Thus we have started a ministry called “Isaiah International Christian Ministries.”  The first little bit of the website can be found at

As you will see, our goal is not to start a para-church ministry, but a ministry that serves local churches, enabling them to carry out the work of ministry.  The vast majority of people here in Russia, including Christians, know very little about things such as congenial birth defects, down syndrome, debilitating diseases, etc.  During the Soviet days, people who parents were often encouraged to abort children if it was known before hand that they would be born with special needs.  If the discovery was made after birth, the parents were “highly advised” to either keep the child indoors all of the time or put him in a hospital for the rest of his life.  The main reason for this is that the Soviet government wanted to be able to tell the world “We have no disabled among our people.”

So our goal is to provide education and resources for Churches that they may then use that information to begin a ministry of outreach to the children and their families, their caretakers, their doctors, etc.

The site only provides basic information right now in both English and Russian.  Our hope, over the next few months, is to begin adding some basic articles (bi-lingual also).  Our friend Luda is excited about helping us make sure all of the Russian is nice and clean.

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  1. Your ministry looks very interesting, and very needed. I stumbled across your site while researching Down syndrome, which my four month old son was born with.

    I hope the trip to Germany goes well and am thankful for people like your family who are willing to leave their own families to help others. Cheers!

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