What Happened to January?

  • We had a very busy yet very wonderful January.  As some of you may know we took a little break from our lessons over the holidays, which included the Russian New Year.  We had heard legendary tales of the noise and mayhem on New Year’s Eve, but thankfully our area was very quiet.  We heard fireworks, but nothing like we had expected.  Isaiah slept through everything!
  • We enjoyed a treat of American College Football and celebrated with the LSU Tigers in their National Championship–quite a game!
  • In the middle of the month we had to leave for re-registration purposes (a normal happening in Russia), so we decided to visit a non-slavic country, and amazingly enough, my parents decided to join us!  If you also read my blog, you might have seen my posts about it already, but if not, take a peek.  There are lots of adorable pictures of Isaiah!  We had a great time in Germany!
  • While we were in Germany,  I turned 30!  My parents had fun planning my celebration, which really lasted all week!  They initiated “Project Big 3-0” at the church where I grew up and in my home town.  I felt really special and honored and humbled by all the love sent my way.
  • We returned home and got back in the swing of things, which took me a little longer than I had anticipated.  But language lessons are back in full swing, and Thomas is teaching again.  Pretty much everything is back to normal, well as normal as can be in Russia.We’re enjoying February so far, especially since it’s brought more snow than we’ve had since the winter began!  And this week Isaiah turns 2! 

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