Gotta Love Clarity

As you might recall, we have been on the lookout for a new apartment. Some friends of ours, another missionary family, are going on furlough for at least a year, and they let us look at their apartment. We liked what we saw, so Thomas called the landlady who lives in Germany. This apartment would give us more space and put us out of the middle of the city.

Well, Thomas called last night. As he was preparing to make the call, I was in the kitchen praying that God would make it very clear to us where He wanted us to live.  Thomas did a great job communicating to our potential landlady in Russian. I understood part of the conversation, but I must admit that I caught my breath when I heard the word 1000 and Euros. Ummm, that didn’t sound so good. When Thomas got off the phone he told me that the landlady was asking for 1400 Euros, which with the current exchange would be around $2100. This was way above our limit of $1000. For Thomas’ excellent first-hand account of this conversation, click here.

So, we clearly know that we should stay where we are for the time being. We are comfortable where we are, and we have wonderful landlords, we were just hoping for a little more space and such. But God answered my prayer for clear direction, that’s for sure!

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