Friday Mornings

Three days a week Thomas walks to International Academy to teach 8th grade Bible. However, on Friday mornings he gets to stay a little longer, and Isaiah and I join him to sing with the Jr. High/Sr. High Choir. Thomas does a great job teaching them new songs. He’s had several people ask him, “How did you get the GUYS to sing?!” The choir does seem to respond to him well (no surprise to me, of course), and they follow him and sing well.

Isaiah and I love to be included in this activity. In fact, Isaiah has developed quite the fan club. We were able to get some pictures the last couple of weeks, and I thought you might enjoy seeing another part of what we are doing here.

Here’s Isaiah with some of his fan club.

Isaiah’s Fan Club
Thomas encouraging the guys to sing out because they’ve got the right notes!
Thomas Directing the Choir
The Jr. High/Sr.High Choir at International Academy (complete with playmates for Isaiah)
The Choir

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