Special Visitors

When Thomas first became interested in being a missionary to Russia, one family was quite influential. On his several trips to Russia he often spent time with the Harris family who ministered in Siberia and St. Petersburg.

With Robin and Katherine Harris-March 2008

At last we have been able to return the favor of their wonderful hospitality by having Robin and Katherine stay with us! Katherine was only able to stay a short time, but we got Robin for almost a week! We enjoyed having both of them, of course. This was really the first time that I got to spend lots of one-on-one time with Robin and get to know her better. She’s quite a lady! She was very helpful with lots of Russian language questions for both of us, which was great. But also, being able to spend time with someone who understands exactly what we are doing right now, having experienced it herself, was really special. She was able to help me in particular get the proper perspective on language learning and being a mom on the mission field. I felt quite refreshed but also very sad to see her go.

Come back anytime ladies!

One comment

  1. Shucks! Thanks a ton for the great time, for the TLC, for letting me be a part of your family (germs and all), for letting me win “Inastranets” (ha!), but most of all for the encouragement I received by seeing you guys thriving, learning, and ministering in a way that very few first-year missionaries do. You guys are terrific!

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