Time in Russia

Well, time has been passing, and a lot of time has passed since we last posted here. We have been quite busy, though with language lessons and Thomas teaching and Isaiah learning how to do all kinds of new and fun things.

Our wonderful hostess



One new activity that we’ve enjoyed doing as a family is attending a weekly gathering at the home of a lady from church named Bella Borisovna. She has a heart for reaching people for Christ, so she started inviting people to her house every Saturday evening. She cooks up quite a feast every week–definitely the gift of hospitality is present in her!

We’ve enjoyed getting to know another family with a little boy named Pasha. Finally a little boy for Isaiah to play with! We’re fairly certain Natasha and Raman (Pasha’s parents) are not believers, but they come every week and participate in the Bible study that our pastor Mikhail Mikhailovich leads.

Natasha, Raman and Pasha (1 yr old)

Not only is this weekly activity time to study the Bible together, but we also get lots of Russian practice! It’s also really fun for me to see Isaiah playing with another little boy and enjoying himself so much.


I’ve been able to talk to Natasha a little bit about Isaiah and his spina bifida.  She has asked questions about when we found out about the spina bifida and what that was like, which has given me some opportunities to talk about how the Lord helped us during that time and continues to help us as we live here.  St. P is definitely not what you would call “handicap accessible”!  She asked me what it was like to live here with Isaiah, if it was difficult, and I think we had a good discussion about it.  I say I think, but of course it was all in Russian, so I’m never quite sure if I understood everything or said exactly what I wanted to!  But God is gracious, and I pray that He will work through my developing Russian skills.

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