That’s all that I can say.  Thomas and I just met with an amazing woman named Anna.  The Christian community just got a little smaller!  My thoughts are coming pretty fast at the moment, so please forgive anything that doesn’t make sense.  I’ll try to give you the basics and then hopefully Thomas and I will be able to tell you more as time goes on and we process the information that God has just dropped in our laps!

So back to Anna.  Anna has been to Camp Barnabas in Missouri (yes, Carol H., if you are reading this, God finally put us in contact with her!).  After going to Camp Barnabas, which is a camp for children with disabilities, Anna decided that she wanted to start a similar camp in Russia.  Just thinking about starting such a task is overwhelming to me, but God directed this woman’s steps, and 4 years ago the first camp was held with a handful of campers.  Anna was determined to have a counselor for every camper and to provide many of the same activities that took place at Camp Barnabas.  Parents who send their children must sign a form stating that it is all right for their child to be taught Bible lessons.  Perhaps for the first time in their lives, these children are able to learn from the Bible, participate in activities with other children and just be children.

There’s a connection with the next thought, I promise….As most of you know, we are moving the middle of June (10 days, yikes!).  We are moving further out from the center of the city.  We’re really looking forward to our new apartment and location.  Well, now we have even more reason to be excited.  Anna told us that several of the children who have attended her camp live fairly close to our new apartment.  In fact, on of the two schools for children with disabilities is in the region where we will be living.  Isn’t God AMAZING!  I just keep saying that over and over again in my head, and even out loud!  What a tremendous reminder this evening has been that when you keep doing every day what you know the Lord wants you to do, even if you don’t know exactly how everything will play out, then He will be faithful to direct your steps and put you exactly where He wants you.

We still don’t know exactly how we can help Anna and the people that she works with, but all of us are excited about meeting each other and have started generating some ideas.  Unfortunately this summer we will be in the States during the camp, but there are 2 prayer requests that you all can pray about and help Anna in that way.  1)  The camp needs a location for the summer.  Every year God has provided, and we know that He will do so again this year.  2)  A doctor is needed for the week of camp.  These kids have some very special needs, and Anna naturally wants them to be as safe as possible.  Having an onsite doctor is a must!

Anna has also been trying to have meetings with the parents during the year and provide as much support to them as possible.  We are talking with her about whether or not we could come to these meetings.  We all agreed that the best thing for us to do, especially as foreigners, is to build relationships and trust with the fellow parents.  This relationship building will take a lot of time, but we know that God will bring it about in His perfect time, just as He has everything else thus far.

Ok, the excited typing is coming to a close.  I hope that this post makes sense.  Please pray about this new friend and how we can help her!  

To God be the glory!


  1. I am still so amazed how the Lord works. It was great talking to you about this yesterday. Love you.

  2. Had to correct the spelling of my name. I guess my ‘k’ key did not work at the time. It is now the ‘m’ key.

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