Making a Move

You might have already read that the Lord has provided a new apartment for us.  Well, tomorrow is the big moving day!  After a few changes our schedule for the move is now as set as anything in Russia ever can be.  Our friend Luda will be here around 2 to help with cleaning and entertaining Isaiah.  The truck should be here around 5:30pm to load up our surprising amount of goods.  Thomas will then ride with the truck to our new place, while Luda, Isaiah and I take the metro out to the new apartment.

Please pray for good weather tomorrow.  We’ve been having a good bit of rain off and on this week (complete with thunder!), and more is scheduled for tomorrow.  We’d much prefer a dry move to a wet one, but we know we’ll get it done no matter what the weather.

We look forward to showing you our new home!

Most of our stuff  Here’s the “before” picture in our current home, and hopefully soon we’ll have a nice “after” picture to show you of our new place!


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