Here’s a Start

We’ve been able to get settled in to our new apartment rather quickly, I think.  The first night was a little different than we had anticipated, but we’ve grown accustomed to that here.  Originally we were going to be able to start moving things into the apartment by 4pm, which then became 6pm, which got moved back to 9pm, which eventually became 11pm.  Needless to say that by the end of a day of moving and waiting and frantically vacuuming our new bedroom to clean it from tons of dog hair, we were pretty tired.  As we walked around killing time, Thomas and I talked about how this would be such an unnerving experience in the States, but here, it’s pretty much par for the course.  We’re thankful that God has helped us to adjust our thinking and expectations to better live in this culture.

We are very pleased with our new place, however.  We’re even just about done getting it all together.  Thomas did some work on one section of floor yesterday and today, making a really wonderful improvement–sorry no pictures yet, but I promise soon!

Here is a picture from our first night as we walked around waiting to be able to get into the apartment.  Just so you know, it was around 10:45pm when I took this picture.  Yes, Isaiah was wide awake, and the sun was shining brightly enough for me to need to wear sunglasses!

Waiting on our new place

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