Like…a Bajillion Things

It’s 5:17PM CST and I’m sitting here at CC’s Coffee in Baton Rouge, LA.  I’m supposed to preach tomorrow morning, so I’ve been putting the finishing touches on a sermon and enjoying a nice cup of coffee.  Come Monday, we’ve been stateside for three weeks.  Way too much has happened to give you all of the details, so here are some highlights in no particular order.


  • It’s been great visiting with my family.  We’ve enjoyed just spending time together, laughing, telling stories, playing, etc.
  • Our time back in Mississippi was great.  We had a tremendous time with all of our friends and church family.  All of Isaiah’s doctor’s appointments went better than expected.  We were able to get a new piece of equipment that will continue to help him learn how to stand and walk on his own.
On Monday we leave to start heading towards North Carolina to see Cristy’s family.  We’re stopping along the way in Birmingham to see some friends there for the evening, and then Tuesday morning we’re heading on to Graham, NC.  We’ve got a ton of pictures, but Cristy is the guru with those kind of things, so I’ll let her post all of that stuff.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  The Lord is blessing.


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