WordPress Issues

Apparently wordpress has been having issues with me lately, not that I take it personally.  I’ve been having difficulty actually getting my posts to post, so I’m trying again.

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve made it safely to St. P.  Isaiah traveled amazingly well (he only cried twice!), we had no flight problems, all our luggage made it.  Thank you so much for your prayers during our travels!

We have had some jetlag difficulties, but we expected that.  It’s been pretty tough on Little Man, but he’s been a trooper, especially if he gets to go “outside”, which incidentally is now his favorite word, no longer “mama” (sigh).

We are currently enjoying hosting a college friend of Thomas’.  As I’ve mentioned before, we LOVE HOSTING!  Please come and see us sometime.  I’ll tell you more about the fun we’ve had with Dan after we’ve had it (he just arrived yesterday).

So, hopefully wordpress likes me again, and you can read this post.

One comment

  1. Hi there,

    Good news! I can read the post without any trouble. However, I’d like to know what sort of issues you’ve been having so I can get them fixed for you. Would you mind clicking on “Support” in the upper right and letting us know about the issues you’ve been having, when they started occurring, and what happens?

    You can ask for the ticket to be assigned to me and I can help you personally or you can leave it in the hands of one of my very capable teammates who will be more than happy to get the issue resolved as well.

    Apologies about the inconveniences. We can get this fixed for sure!

    WordPress.com Support

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