Always Learning

Language lessons are now in full swing for both of us.  I think things are going well.  

We’re always looking for opportunities to develop our Russian.  Unfortunately sometimes those opportunities fall on us unexpectedly, like when the dishwasher fell forward while Thomas was loading it.  His had got cut, requiring stitches.  He was able to handle the entire medical procedure in Russian!  He learned some new words in the process, like wound, toppled, tendon, you know, not necessarily every day words.  That happened almost a week ago, and I’m happy to report that he is doing much better.  His hand is healing nicely.

Another way to learn this language is through talking to people.  Finding people to talk to regularly has been a challenge for me.  God has graciously answered a specific prayer request that I had.  In fact, I have been praying about this for almost a year.  I had been praying for a Russian mother to be friends with and spend time with.  Well, I met her!

Last Sunday Thomas and I visited another small church in the area.  Thomas had known the pastor for quite some time, but we had never been to the church.  The group was small but intimate.  After the service so many people came and talked to us.  I felt brave and introduced myself to the only other woman there with a young child.  She was so patient with my Russian, and we had a great conversation!  I even understood her and apparently spoke understandably!

And even better her family lives 20 minutes down our street!  We’re planning on trying to get together at least one time a week.

So thank you for praying for God to send me a friend. Her name is Oksana.  She is married to Igor.  They have a beautiful 7-month old baby Slava.  Lord willing, I’ll soon be able to post about my progress in Russian and about our growing friendship!

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