Gearing Up

Originally the plan for next week was all three of us Slawsons heading out to Siberia for InterAct’s Russian Field Conference.  Well, like most things in Russia, you make plans with the plan to change them.  Now Thomas will be heading out to Siberia on Monday afternoon with the director of InterAct and his wife and another couple from Canada.  Isaiah and I will be holding down the fort in St. P.

This feels familiar…last year at this time, we pretty much did the same thing, except at that time I knew very little Russian and we lived in an area where shopping with a little one was difficult.  This year I feel much better prepared to take care of the necessities of life while Thomas is away.  I even have a friend to hang out with, and Julia will be coming to stay with Isaiah so I can still have my lesson.  It’s great to see a difference from last year to this year!

Please pray for Thomas’ safety as he travels and for a nice peaceful week on the homefront.

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