Snapshots of Tuva

Thomas has designated me the “Keeper of the Blog”, unofficially, so here are some pictures from his trip to Tuva, as posted by me (Cristy).  Please forgive the vertical difficulties.  I still haven’t figured out what that’s all about.  I’m sure if you have any questions about his trip, Thomas will be happy to reply to any comments that you leave.  I sort of picked what seemed like the highlights from the pictures that he took.

We do have some exciting ministry developments as a result of his trip and time with Jim, our Russia field director.  These details will be revealed in newsletters and future posts, I believe.  We’re still working on some details, but we’re thankful to be able to begin some projects beyond our language studies!

One comment

  1. So great to see your pictures and to know the people in them! Lena and Vitya and Gary and Val and Jim… wahoo! I’m SO glad we got to go to Tuva!

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