A Great Big American Thanksgiving in Russia!

On Thursday most of you will probably be eating turkey, unless of course you don’t like turkey, in which case you will have some sort of substitute for your main dish.  Last year on Thanksgiving we weren’t able to have turkey, but this year we are able!  No, we’re not going to be in the States on Thanksgiving (as the title so cleverly reveals).  Rather, we found turkey at a half-way decent price, and we’re inviting several of our Russian friends to celebrate with us.

Last year we had quite the international group with 3 countries represented, but this year we’re cutting it down to 2, just Americans and Russians.  We have some returning guests and quite a few newbies.  Specifically, we invited one set of neighbors in the hopes of beginning to build trust with them and expose them in a non-threatening way to what we believe.  Please be praying for us to be prepared and not stress over the dishes–we’ve taken on a lot this year!  And most importantly, please pray for God to be glorified!

And when you finish with your Day After Thanksgiving Sales, come check and see how everything went!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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