Missionary Isaiah

Several weeks ago Thomas asked me to write about an interaction that I had, so here goes…

We’ve begun visiting some other churches in town in order to broaden our ministry a little bit. One of the churches actually has families with young children. We were really excited to meet some other kids!

For those of you who don’t know, we keep Isaiah in the service with us. This started out as a necessity because most churches here don’t have nurseries; but now it has become our preferred habit. We really like having him sit with us in church. Because we had been taught to sit still in church by our parents, we knew that we could teach Isaiah to do the same. We didn’t know how long it would take, but it has paid off, and he (usually) sits through our church services very well! Not to compare, of course, but the other children at the church that we attended were, well, crazy. They pretty much did whatever they wanted to do during the service. The pastor just kept on preaching, though; I think that the people were fairly accustomed to the way the children acted.

After our first visit there, we started attending a Bible study with this group of believers on a semi-regular basis. At one of the small gatherings, the dad of some of the kids at the church told me that after seeing how Isaiah sat and listened during church and folded his hands for prayer, he and his wife decided that their kids could do that, too. So they started to teach them.


The next time that we were at this church, we noticed a huge difference in their children! They really did sit quietly and obey very well; and the mom and dad were “on top” of their behavior. But don’t worry, they are very loving and affectionate parents.
We were encouraged that without even specifically trying, we had been able to show this family what we had been taught from the Bible by our parents (good job, Mom and Dad x 2!). In some ways, this means that our parents are missionaries, too, you know.

Please pray for the Christian families here, they are few.  They have not had the benefit of Christian parents to teach them for generations and generations as often has happened in America.  But they are teachable, and they want their children to know God.  Please pray that we will have opportunities to help them learn what we have learned.  Please pray for the body of Christ to grow through families.

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