We’ve come to our final week of journey on planet America.  Our travels have taken us to Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and now North Carolina.  We flew out of New Orleans bright and early yesterday morning into Charlotte, North Carolina.  The flight was uneventful which is exactly the way you want it when you fly.

Thus far our trip has been great.  Here are the highlights.

  • All of Isaiah’s appointments went well.  No major concerns.  We have some things to work on as always, but nothing serious.  We’re thankful.
  • We were able to catch up with a few friends while in Yazoo City.  On Sunday morning I preached at Second Presbyterian Church of Yazoo City and was able to speak with the elders and deacons afterwards about the Tuvan Bible Distribution Project (TBDP…more on that in a later post).  Sunday night I spoke to the congregation of First Presbyterian Church of Yazoo City about what we’ve been doing in our work and also about the TBDP.
  • Our time in Louisiana with my family (Thomas’) was very enjoyable.  I enjoyed doing a little woodworking and I got to play a Wii for the first time.  Cristy enjoyed some visiting and shopping with the other ladies and Isaiah enjoyed being able to spend a considerable amount of time outside in the mild weather, playing with grandmaw and granddaddy and all of his cousins, aunts and uncles.
  • While in Louisiana I was able to speak to Riverdale Baptist Church about the TBDP.  Interest is high and many are eager to help.
  • We woke up this morning here in North Carolina to snow covering the ground.  Being the south, everything here has basically shut down, so this will probably be a slow day.  My hope is to at some point and time talk with Beacon Baptist, Cristy’s old home church, about the TBDP.  

More to come.


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