We’re back in St. Petersburg safe and sound. Our flight landed about 3:30PM local time yesterday, just 20 minutes behind schedule. Overall I think I’d have to say that it was one of our easiest overseas travels ever. Security lines were very short and as a result it wasn’t as stressful getting through. We had a full 3 1/2 hour layover in Paris so we didn’t fell rushed to get to our connection. So now we can tell everyone that we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast in Paris! Ah the glamor of missionary life =).

Isaiah slept a lot on the plane. Cristy and I dozed a little. As soon as we got back to our apartment I ran out to get a little food. We laid Isaiah down to sleep about 7:15 and we laid down about 8. Overall we all slept well last night.

Please pray for us over the next few days as we jump straight back into our routine with very little break. Today I’m going to get us registered (S.O.P), and then tomorrow I start my lessons again. Cristy’s begin on Saturday. Please keep her in your prayers specifically as she will have to deal with a pregnancy in addition to all of her other work.

For all of you we got to see these past three weeks, it was great. For those of you we didn’t, we hope to see you the next time around.



  1. Thank you for being amazing. And hilarious. And awesome. And, well, the life and soul of the legendary Yazoo City Gladiators. (What do we want? To Glorify God! What else do we want? To Win!)

    And I am very sad that I missed ya’ll when you came down. Miscommunication and misunderstandings prevented me.

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