Update from Gritsland

Great news.  We received our letters of invitation for work visas to Russia!  To explain what that means, in Russia one must have a visa in order to enter, live in and exit the country.  In order to get a visa one must first get a letter of invitation so that he or she can then apply for the visa.  Normally, once one gets a letter of invitation the application for a visa usually goes through.  So once we receive these letters here (hopefully in about 2 weeks) we can then submit them along with our visa applications to the Russian consulate in the United States and then get our work visas!

As many of you know, we’ve spent the last year in Russia on student visas.  While these have been a big blessing to us, allowing us to continue with our Russian studies and live in the country, they have also been somewhat restrictive and expensive.  This new work visa is good for a year and is renewable for up to two more years after that.  So our hope is that this will allow us to live in the country for at least three more years.

At this point we are hoping to return to Russia on December 27th.  Please pray for us as we make arrangements to fly back.  We were forced to cancel our original return tickets.  As you may or may not know, when we bought our original tickets we did not know we were going to be receiving these new types of visas.  So now we are going to have to buy completely new return tickets, and unfortunately we did not get any refund on our old tickets.  Please pray for a good price.

Thank you all for your prayers.

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