Update by Thomas from Moscow

Dear Partners in Ministry,

Please forgive the delay in this update. Much has been going on!

I’m sitting here in Moscow right now. Later this evening I’ll be catching a flight out to Abakan, about 6 1/2 hours by car north of Tuva. I’m meeting a friend from the States, Justin, here in Moscow and we’re traveling out there together. We’ll arrive in Abakan early tomorrow morning, but are going to rest for the day and then catch a taxi down to Tuva early Saturday morning. This trip is part of my regular duties now as Field Director, and will give the chance to meet not only with our other InterAct Missionary there on the ground, but also with our ministry partners there in Tuva. Much will be discussed on a number of levels, so please keep this whole time in your prayers including traveling mercies.

As many of you know I recently was part of a group of people that conducted evangelism programs in a region about 3 hours from St. Petersburg known as “Tikhvin.” I must say that the whole trip was a great success. Working together with believers from various churches both in St. Petersburg and the Tikhvin region, we divided up into 7 teams and presented “Easter Programs” in 7 different villages. Our team was in a tiny little village called “Sarka.” As you may or may not know, Easter is one of the few times of year in Russia where the name of Christ is spoken openly. This presented an opportunity to talk freely about Christ at a time when people are more open to hearing about him.

Several of the villages had already been visited a number of times over the past few years. In one village, called “Kaivoks” after 4 years of evangelization, the first church service was held in the village! It is hoped that services can be held their once a month for a while and then increased with frequency.

The village we went to, Sarka, is in a little bit different category. This was only the second time a team has visited. The last time was right after Christmas in January of this year. Because of the large number of small children in attendance our team presented a short play and then I presented a short gospel message for about 15 minutes. The play was done quite well. It told the story of Adam and Eve’s fall in the garden (don’t worry, the actors were wearing clothes!), and the vast majority of the dialogue was taken directly from Scripture. I was pleased at how Genesis 3:15 was highlighted as the first promise of the Messiah we see in Scripture. After the program we passed out small gifts along with literature including Bibles and John Blanchard’s “Ultimate Questions” in Russian. While there have not yet been any people to openly profess Christ in Sarka, we believe the Lord used to this time to continue to open doors. They were very happy that we came and invited us back. It is our hope to see a children’s sports camp take place this summer perhaps. I hope to have pictures ready by the next monthly newsletter we put out.

In family news, Cristy’s arm is a little tender but has pretty much healed. Little Nadia is growing just fine, and all appears to be well. Isaiah is getting more and more excited about being a big brother.

Again, thank you for your love and support. By God’s grace our support has gone up! Praise God for all of you who stepped in to help. But we are still seeking further support as God so lays it upon your heart.

We praise and thank God for you and for your service. May God bless you all.

Pressing on,
Thomas Slawson (for the family)

One comment

  1. Thomas,
    It’s good to hear that your work is going well there and that God is supplying your needs to continue.

    I have a question regarding recent news about the adoption of Russian children by Americans being stopped in general by Russia’s government because of a horrible incident where adopted kids were placed on a plane back to Russia. I know our church has been blessed by some children who were adopted from Russia and find this a sorrowful state of affairs. But I also know that the most reliable news tends to come from brothers and sisters in the field abroad. Do you have some knowledge or insight into the apparent adoption ban whether we might pray more specifically or advise some with certain encouragement who would desire to adopt.

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