Prayer and Praise


  • That our house in Clinton, MS would sell, or at least get a long-term renter.
  • For our move and transition to Oregon to go smoothly
  • For our developing partnership with the Central Asian Immigrant ministry in St. Petersburg
  • For a partnership in Yakutia to help us move forward with ministry there
  • For increased support

Also, we do have another matter we would ask you to pray about.  As you may know, when Nadia experienced significantly walking delays we needed to consult with a number of doctors and specialists and run a number of tests to determine the cause.  Thankfully everything has turned out normal, but we are running into a problem with the medical sharing organization we use to help with expenses.  Some of you might be familiar with Christian Care Medishare.  We’ve used them for a number of years without problem, but because of a technicality they are refusing to cover the expenses we incurred with Nadia.  This comes to about $20k.

The good news is that we’ve gathered all of the medical records and have the testimony of three medical professionals that everything we did with her was necessary.  We are in the process of that appeal right now.  We ask that you pray with us that God would grant them to do the right thing and cover these expenses.


  • A safe and productive trip to Russia
  • Good health for the whole family
  • That Nadia has nothing serious going on
  • For the growth of the ministry in Russia

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