On Air

One of the things we hoped to see happen once we moved to Portland is for us to connect with the Russian community here and help encourage Russian-speaking Christians to support mission work among the peoples of their native land.  When we moved here seven weeks ago I came across a Russian Christian radio station.  Their programming varied greatly, but they seemed to have a lot of call-in talk shows on during the day.  So I sent them a quick email and said that if they were ever interested in hearing about InterAct’s work in Russia that I’d be happy to share.  I waited almost a month.

Yesterday I got a call from Evgeny, the host of a morning talk show that runs in the mornings, saying that he wanted me to come in for an interview on the show.  At first I was thinking it would only be about 10-15 minutes, but I soon realized he wanted me to be the main guest for the whole program!  So on Monday, August 20th I’ll be on their morning program 10AM – 12 noon, PST. If you speak Russian you can listen online at www.russianradion7.com.  Even if you don’t speak Russian, when you pull up their main page there’s a live streaming web camera of the studio, and you should be able to get a glimpse of me on the program.  Prayers are greatly appreciated as this will go out to a large Russian-speaking population, potentially up to 50,000 listeners here in the greater Portland area, not to mention the numerous listeners around the world.  We thank God for this great opportunity.

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