December – Bullet Point Update

Bullets for the Busy: If you only have a few minutes, here are the major points.

  • The trip to Russia was successful.
    • In St. Pete we continue to work with the Uzbek church. I preached the Sunday we were there.
    • In Krasnoyarsk, Siberia our team met and we’re building a partnership with a local church on a number of levels including outreach ministry to the disabled.
    • In Tuva we worked closely with our partner organization. The Tuvan Bible is being used and is greatly blessing people. We ministered to some marriages and connected with our major ministries down there.
  • Our family has been through some difficulties, but God has sustained us.
    • I was pretty sick after my Russia trip.
    • We suffered another miscarriage.
    • God is good.
  • God is opening up doors here in Portland
    • We’re exploring work with local Russian Christians to reach out to Russian youth who have left the church.
    • We’re continuing to build a partnership with The Elisha Foundation, an organization here in Oregon to the disabled community. Our hope is to work together to reach the disabled community in Russia.
  • Our support is down.
    • We are at 80% of our recommended support.
    • Would you consider partnering with us for 2013?
  • Pray for us.
    • For continued growth and strengthening of the Russia ministry.
    • For wisdom as we pursue new ministries.
    • That people would hear the gospel and come to Christ.
    • For open doors here in Portland to minister to the Russian community.

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